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Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


When I was growing up I was incredibly impatient. Minutes seemed like hours and hours like years. Into my teens and early twenties I shunned patience in favor of instant gratification. Therapy forced me to be patient; patient with unraveling the years of trauma that had accumulated and patient with my recovery.


In this series I will explore what patience really is, how it can benefit us and reveal ten ways to foster more patience, some which I plan to do as a result of the research I conducted for this article and others which have been highly successful in my cultivating more patience thus far.


The intimate relationship between patience and anger


Naturally, when we lose patience we get angry, which inevitably affects our relationships and all round quality of life. To avoid getting to the stage where you become irritable and even angry as a result of impatience, stay tuned, as later in the series we will be covering how to actively cultivate more patience.


Interestingly however, no matter what the cause of our anger, cultivating patience when we are experiencing anger has a drastically positive effect on our relationships and emotional well being.


Practicing patience when angry…