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Why turning to friends and family is vital when hurting

When we are hurting one of the most natural things is to turn inward and avoid social contact. It is in these moments that we may feel like we are a burden to those around us or that others would simply not understand. When we do this we isolate ourselves, further adding to our pain and causing the situation to get worse.


By turning towards friends and family we allow others to offer the emotional support we so desperately need, allowing us to feel understood by those we love. Seeking emotional support in this way, far from being weak, is in fact a very courageous and strong act. Indeed, those who are most resilient in life know when to seek such support, hence why they are more resilient.


When you are seeking those to confide in about your loss or hurt ensure you confide in those close to you who are empathetic rather than from the school of tough love. Whilst both types of people may mean well, when you are holding on following a loss, you need patient and compassionate characters who will understand your struggle in letting go and moving on.


Do you socially isolate yourself when you are hurting? Can you think of three people close to you who would be compassionate and patient with your journey? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.





Why Having Strong Friendships Improves Our Mental Health

When I was younger I always thought that the more friends I had the better. Now I am older I realise that it is rather the quality of the friendships I have that truly counts. Studies have now shown that in our twenties if we have many friends it leads to greater happiness in our forties and fifties but, interestingly, in our thirties it is the quality and strength of the friendships that determine our happiness later in life. I have to admit I have certainly found this to be true. Whether you are in your twenties or thirties no one can deny that having friendships is critical to having good mental health.


Like anyone, there have been periods where I have had to face challenges and tough times and in these moments I have always managed to endure thanks to the support of my friends. The importance of honest advice, encouragement and an understanding and empathetic shoulder to lean on should never be underestimated.