stop comparing

Confidence In Action: Comparison Ban

Today’s task is to take a look at last week’s exercise where you listed a situation you lack confidence in. Take a second to think of how you can stop comparing in order to foster more internal confidence with which to approach your situation in future.


Some tips and tricks to stop comparing are realizing that:


  • There is never a fair comparison
  • For a true comparisons you need to measure and this is almost always impossible when comparing people
  • Comparisons rob you of joy
  • Comparisons lead to either envy, insecurity or pride – not pleasant emotions by any means


Now for the real challenge – a comparison ban! For this week I challenge you to stop all comparisons yourself and others. I would also encourage you to stop comparing people completely and see the impact it has upon your wellbeing.


How to stop comparing yourself to your more confident counterparts

It’s natural to start comparing yourself to others when you see them with a quality you desire. Soon feelings of inadequacy or resentment may build up with statements running around your head like ‘it’s so easy for them, they don’t even need to try’ or ‘why can’t I be more like that?’


As cliché as it may sound no one’s life is perfect and you very well may have strengths they lack  – indeed they may be facing difficulty in other areas that you know nothing about. That doesn’t make you better or worse, just simply different, so before you compare yourself a better question to ask is perhaps, could I learn something from them?