One of the most kind things we can do for our friends is to be thoughtful towards them. For example, when one of my friends was really sad and having a hard time adjusting to living in America after moving from the UK I decided to put together a happiness gift pack, with ‘The Happiness Project’, ‘Happier at Home’, some pampering toiletries and a ‘5 Year Gratitude Journal’. Below are three ways that we can show thoughtfulness towards our friends.


Buy Meaningful Gifts


When ever I have been low or have had something in my life which was important to me I have been lucky enough to have friends who have shared in my joys and supported me through my pain. When I had my breakdown in 2009 two of my best friends visited me in the facility I was staying in and bought me treats – this was incredibly supportive and showed me that no matter what I was going through my friends were there for me. Likewise when I had one of my articles published in Cosmopolitan magazine South Africa another one of my best friends sent me flowers to congratulate me. It is these thoughtful acts which deeply impact and nourish friendships.