In today’s society which emphasizes the importance of money and success it is easy to become very driven to succeed. The danger is when this desire translates into workaholism and our personal lives suffer. There are many suggestions in this month’s Monday series posts to limit the impact of work outside of working hours and maximize our productivity whilst in work, however, if you feel you are falling into the workaholic trap beware, burn out may be on the horizon.


In reality when we burn out we are out of action for much longer than if we had just put on the breaks sooner to an overwhelming schedule or career, and, whilst self care such as a healthy diet, meditation and exercise can help, it can’t eradicate those crazy hours you might be working.


If you think you may have a problem with saying no, which leads you to over commit yourself in work and in life, please read my article titled ‘Sick of over-extending yourself? Learn how to say no’.