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Sick Of Over-Extending Yourself? Learn How To Say No; Part Three

Like any new skill, it takes time to develop the ability to say no. Keep in mind that any failed attempts are still worthwhile and contribute towards good experience and practice. Remember to be patient with yourself. It will be unfamiliar territory at first and may even be scary but if you are persistent it will become easier with time.


An excellent way to improve your confidence in this area is to note down the details of every time you successfully say no in your first month. When the month is finished look back on all of your successes. Reward yourself by going out for a meal or watching a film at the cinema. Every time you have a setback read through this list again. Looking over your success stories in this way will serve not only to boost your confidence, but also give you the resolve to keep going.


Now you have learnt when and how to say no you can begin practising for yourself. Once you are continually saying no where appropriate you will find that you have more time for what truly matters to you. You will then be able to advance in all of your objectives, goals and dreams without countless outside demands vying for your time. To me, that is what being a super woman (or man) is all about!


When have you started to say no to small things? Did it feel empowering? Have you decided to extend saying no to bigger requests? What were your expectations about how the other person would react to your saying no? Was it easier or harder than you anticipated to say no? Please comment and share your experiences with our community to gain insight, encouragement and support.




  1. Write down the details of all of the times you have successfully said no in your first month. 
  2. Read on completing your first month of practising this new skill and reward yourself with a trip to the cinema or a meal out. 
  3. Return to reading through the list every time you have a setback to boost your confidence and resolve to keep going. 
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