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How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality; Part Three

So you have set your goals, now what? All too often we can create goals and fail to account for the unexpected in life. Major life events such as getting married or a new job can easily take over and distract us from the pursuit of our goals but we must avoid the tendency to feel like we have failed. True goals need to be flexible and open to adjustments. When we review our progress, or return to our goal after a major life event, it is the perfect opportunity to reshape our goals, reorganizing our time and resources. This may mean shifting the timescale to make it more realistic and achievable. In line with our new priorities we will feel more optimistic about achieving what we set out to and, as a result, will feel more empowered to do the daily tasks necessary for us to stay on course and reach our goal.



Although setting goals can take a lot of thought and planning the benefit of setting them is two-fold. Not only do we gain enjoyment from participating in an activity we are passionate about (which improves our quality of life) but we start to gain a sense of progression and advancement which is central to lasting happiness. The more we recognize our achievements, the more drive we have to advance further and a virtuous cycle of happiness is created. So the next time you feel like you are running up and down the field and not scoring – set goals, turning your dreams into reality – and hit a home run on the field that is life.


What goals did you set yourself? What steps have you taken towards your goals so far? Please comment and share your experiences with our community to gain insight, encouragement and support.




  1. Enter a day into your diary every six months to measure your overall progress and adjust your S.M.A.R.T. goal if necessary.
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