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New Year, New Life; How To Exercise Your Way To Well Being Part Two

One of the main excuses I used in the past was that I simply did not have the time to exercise. In reality most of us lead hectic lives with busy schedules and even with the best of intentions we struggle to find time to exercise. If you find you can’t find the time to exercise try fitting it in to your daily routine by walking or running part or even all of the way to work. Another great strategy is to buy an exercise DVD that can fit into your schedule. Although DVD’s require you to have more motivation because you are in the comforts of our own home, you can help keep your motivation high by placing it in your diary and treating the entry as a deadline. It is helpful to then set an alarm to remind you when to begin your work out.


Thankfully, there are many forms of exercise. Whilst running may not be for you there are many other options.


If you thrive on competition you may want to enter a race or tournament to spur you on, or even a fun run like I did to help keep you focussed. Alternatively, if you don’t like traditional ‘straight’ exercise like running you could opt for some fun classes like hip hop dancing or aerobics. If that still doesn’t appeal you could try some active pursuits such as walking in scenic surroundings, cycling, tennis or even roller-blading.


When making changes to our lifestyle our motivation is essential. One of the things which boosted my initial motivation when I started running was to go to a pretty park for my first runs. I found I was more motivated to run since I had made the journey especially and did not want to waste the trip. Another big boost to motivation is to track our progress so we can see the results of our efforts for ourselves. My ‘Couch to 5k’ app not only helped me take things at a steady pace but it enabled me to see my distance and speed increase which significantly improved my enthusiasm and drive. For anyone who would like to take up running but has no experience I would highly recommend the app which is available for smart phones. Finally, registering for a fun run or race whether it be for cycling, swimming or running will undoubtedly increase your motivation tenfold. If you are doing other forms of exercise consider setting yourself concrete goals such as reaching a certain time, weight or score.


Besides being beneficial to our waist lines and physical health, the improvement in our emotional and mental health should never be underestimated. Exercise serves to increase our emotional resilience and improve our memory and reasoning ability and this enables us to perform at our peak both at home and at work. Let’s make exercise one of our top priorities this year and live lives that are relieved of stress and filled with positivity and well being. The benefits exercise can bring you are just a few steps away!


What would you like to achieve from improving your diet and exercise? Have you set a S.M.A.R.T. goal to get to a certain weight, dress size, running distance or time? Do you have any helpful tips to get the most of your work out? Please comment and join in our community to gain encouragement, insight and support.




  1. Try walking, cycling or running to and from work if you have a busy schedule. Consider signing up for a fun run or race to keep motivation high and use a mobile phone app (a Couch to 5k mobile app is what I used and was excellent) or heart rate and calorie monitor to help track your progress. If this is not possible buy an exercise DVD and do it a minimum of three times a week – enter it into your diary and set an alarm on your phone to remind you to begin your workout.
  2. If solitary exercise isn’t for you, try a fun class such as hip hop dancing or aerobics and keep going weekly if you enjoy it.
  3. If you can’t fit exercise into your schedule to and from work, you don’t have the motivation to do an exercise DVD at home and the class you tried doesn’t take your fancy try an activity based sport such as tennis, football or roller-skating and participate weekly. Use a mobile phone app or heart rate and calorie monitor to help track your progress.
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