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Achieving Change; How To Live The Life You Long For Part Four

It is no exaggeration that Tony Robbins has mastered the science of change and self-empowerment. Keen to gain insight through Tony’s teachings I went to his Unleash The Power Within programme. Held over four days, Unleash The Power Within would help me to understand what motivated me, allow me to face my fears (often an obstacle to change) and change my life for the better. I completed my fire walk on the first day and the sense of achievement in having overcome the fear I felt was profound. What I didn’t expect was that in going to Unleash The Power Within I dealt with my biggest gear which had held me back – my fear of intimacy.


Tony helped me to gain a crystal clear image of what this fear had cost me and as a result I was able to change my past behavior by facing my fear (just as I had done in the fire walk) by telling a good friend that I liked him, something I otherwise would not have had the courage to do. If you want to face your fears and affect fundamental changes you want in your life I would recommend going to Unleash The Power Within, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Alternatively, Tony’s book Giant Steps reveals small changes we can all make that will lead to giant leaps forward in our quality of life.


Naturally when we make changes there will be set backs along the way but it is worth remembering that this is normal and does not equate to failing. When we realize we have gotten off track we simply need to revisit both the cost of not changing and the benefits of changing to boost our motivation, cement our resolve and review if we need to adapt our approach. After all, the more we practice something, the more likely it will become a habit and stick. It is also worth building in rewards for when you stick to your new changes, like going to the cinema or setting aside an evening off just for you. You could do this to celebrate your first, second or even six month anniversary since sticking to the changes you set yourself.


Once we have affected change, however small, we will feel empowered and in control of our destiny. From that vantage point we will have greater confidence to change more considerable things in our lives and so continues the virtuous cycle. Take your first steps to change and begin living the life you long for.


What changes have you resolved to implement in your life? Are you going to reward yourself for affecting the change? If so, how? Please comment and join our community to gain encouragement, insight and support.




  1. Reward yourself every day that you do something which signifies change, even if it’s just by listening to your favourite song or having a hot chocolate.
  2. Revisit your lists of the cost of not changing and the benefits of changing to boost motivation when you need to.


Further resources:


‘Increasing Self Esteem CD’ by Glenn Harrolds, available on Amazon

Unleash The Power Within seminar by Tony Robbins at world wide locations

‘Giant Steps’ by Tony Robbins, available on Amazon

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