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Achieving Change; How To Live The Life You Long For Part Three

Now we know our values it is time to make our resolutions and goals. Usually resolutions and goals are confused for one another however it is useful to remember that resolutions are based on habits which we would like to adopt in our day to day lives whereas goals are our desired achievements with deadlines and are likely to be bigger in scale. Please read Augusts series ‘How to turn your dreams into reality’ for an in-depth look into discovering and creating meaningful goals.


Ok, so our values, resolutions and goals are all aligned. What next?


The next phase is to add the daily steps towards sticking to a resolution or achieving a goal into your diary. It is best to plan your entire week in advance as this enables you to create a more balanced weekly schedule. If you find you see to have too few hours in the day see Septembers series ‘How to achieve in record-breaking time’ to discover how to manage your time both effectively and efficiently.


If we feel empowered we have the mindset that change is possible and so one of the most vital elements to achieving lasting change is to have high self-belief which will result in a determined and committed mindset. Whilst in recovery I purchased a light hypnosis CD by the international bestselling self-help hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, called Build Self-Esteem. On it there are two programs; one for building self-esteem and the other for improving self-belief. I have found the experience of listening to the recording deeply relaxing and I always finish the program feeling uplifted, optimistic and self-assured. If your self-esteem is low or you want to improve your self-belief I would highly recommend purchasing this CD and listening to it every night before bed to achieve a greater sense of self-empowerment.


Next week, my breakthrough with Tony Robbins at Unleash The Power Within and how to deal with setbacks.


Do you suffer with low self esteem? How do you react when faced with difficulty? Do you persist, are you a deeply determined person? Please comment and join our community to gain encouragement, insight and support.




  1. Plan your entire week in advance and place the daily steps needed to achieve your resolution or goal into your diary. Treat all diary entries as deadlines. 
  2. Listen to a self-belief CD before bed to increase your confidence levels and the belief in yourself that you can change.


Further resources:


‘Increasing Self Esteem CD’ by Glenn Harrolds, available on Amazon

Unleash The Power Within seminar by Tony Robbins at world wide locations

‘Giant Steps’ by Tony Robbins, available on Amazon

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