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How To Track Your Progress And Why A Reward System Is Worth It

Coach.me is a fabulous mobile app where you can put in your daily goals and track your progress, it even has a paid for feature where you can join groups and receive coaching. If, like me, you respond better to being accountable to someone (think along the lines of a substitute slimming club but for any habits and goals) you could enrol one of your friends to be your accountability buddy!


My accountability buddy is one of my best friends who is also very goals driven and we Skype every week to update each other on what we did and didn’t manage to get done out of our daily resolutions (aka new habits). We then record each others progress and keep track of whether we are improving or stagnating.


It’s a fantastic way to motivate yourself when you know you will need to report to someone and a great source of encouragement too. If you aren’t yet managing to keep to your habits you could also brainstorm how to reward your successes with your accountability buddy! For example, my accountability buddy and I came up with an idea together for my rewarding myself for waking up early. We decided that I could treat myself to two low calorie hot chocolates each day that I wake up at 5am (I want to be part of Robin Sharma’s 5am club).


Rewarding yourself is fundamental to fostering new habits as it increases our motivation and drive to succeed and helps us develop higher levels of self discipline in the process. Critically though, if you don’t achieve your habit for the day make sure you don’t treat yourself anyway as that defeats the purpose and voids it being a reward in the first place.


Try brainstorming rewards for the most important habits you’d like to adopt today and try them out over the next 66 days whilst you’re trying to install the new habit.


How are you going to measure your progress? Have you asked anyone to be your accountability buddy? Which rewards are most appealing to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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