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Achieving Change – Why Keeping A Success Journal Will Keep You Motivated

Keeping a success journal is one of the best ways to change the neural pathways in your brain to look for the positive and it is exceptionally good at reminding ourselves what we are doing well. All too often we seem to gloss over our successes and dismiss them as ‘to be expected’ but when we write down our successes, both small and big, we start to become conscious of the fact that we are actually performing better than we might otherwise think.


If you are starting a new job or feel you are stagnating in your current position then a success journal may be just the solution to get you back on track and give you a much needed boost of motivation. When you know you are keeping a success journal not only will you seek out your successes you’ll be more inspired to perform to the best of your ability so you can have more material to write about!


Why don’t you try writing in your very own success journal? Do you have tips on what keeps you motivated? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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