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Why Keeping To Our Resolutions (AKA New Habits) And Goals Improves Our Quality Of Life

Everyone that has tried to keep to a new habit or work towards a goal knows that it requires a huge amount of self discipline (stay tuned – self discipline is April’s hot topic). But, as Tony Robbins recommends, reminding ourselves of the cost of remaining the same and looking closely at the huge benefits change will allow us enables us to change with much more ease and execute more readily.


When we keep to our resolutions and goals we not only develop higher levels of self-discipline (an invaluable life skill) but acquire greater mastery of life, mastery of skills needed to excel in work and in our passions. This increases our quality of life tenfold as we become more masterful, living life at a higher level. Consequently, our happiness soars due to our sense of progression and our life is experienced as both meaningful and fulfilling.


Do you have any stories of habits you’ve managed to successfully integrate? How did adopting the new habit impact your quality of life? Did you develop more self discipline as a result? Did you develop your skill? Did you have a sense of achievement? Did it boost your happiness? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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