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Why Making Resolutions (AKA New Habits) And Goals Is Good For Us

When we have habits (aka resolutions) and goals that we work towards daily, we develop our skills and feel a sense of progress in our lives. Progression is one of the most crucial elements in creating a fulfilling and truly happy life, the type of life that we all long for.


Tony Robbins famously said “You become what you do most of the time.” That is why our habits are so important, what we consistently do on a daily basis shapes our lives, leads us to mastery and ultimately happiness.


Do you have goals that you could break down into a daily practise? For example, I want to write a novel so I am doing creative writing exercises for an hour each day.


Do you have habits you wish you could adopt but have never gotten round to it or have given up on adopting in the past?


In a University College London study it was discovered that it actually takes 66 days for new habits to form – NOT the 21 days most people think!


If you wish to adopt a new habit you should therefore give it a full 66 days before giving up on it (and even then I wouldn’t give up, maybe just adopt a different approach), a fact I personally found very reassuring because this is where I had gone wrong in the past.


In addition for this years resolutions I’ve enrolled a friend to be my accountability buddy and I hers so we can motivate one another and keep track of our progress. Just knowing a close friend will find out on whether I woke up late or didn’t do my creative writing each day is a huge motivating factor in itself!


What are your experiences of adopting new habits? Do you find it easy or hard? Do you have any goals you need to break down into daily practises? What do you want to achieve in 2015? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


TOP TIP: Get a countdown clock app on your phone and set it to 66 days so you give yourself the best possible opportunity to install new daily or weekly habits.


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