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How To Create Your Ideal Bedroom Oasis Part One


My bedroom is where I spend most of my time. I do everything from write to listen to music to meditate in my bedroom so I’ve spent a lot of time making it an organized and tranquil environment. But it hasn’t always been that way.


Like many people living in London I’ve lived in incredibly small rooms and as a result I’ve come up with some tried and true techniques on how to maximise space whilst creating a peaceful atmosphere that is a joy to come home to. Here are some of my tips and tricks to help you create your ideal bedroom oasis.


Storage tips and tricks


Invest in a wardrobe that has short legs where you can fit items underneath it.


Buy extended hangers – these are individual plastic hanger hooks with a material loop attached to hang your standard hanger in. Because the standard hanger is lower when a extended hanger is used internal wardrobe space is maximized, as the bulk of the hangers is divided over two differing heights, therefore doubling overall hanger space. You can buy these in Tesco’s or any good online storage specialist.


Buy a cloth hanging shoe rack for inside your wardrobe and place small wicker baskets in each section with toiletries in them, organized by type i.e. face, hair, bath etc.


Buy a cloth shoe rack for the door of your wardrobe or, if you have storage underneath your bed, buy clear shoe boxes to place there.


Place books in labelled shoe boxes and store underneath your bed or fit them into one of your chest of drawer drawers, placing the books you’ve already read in a suitcase on top of your wardrobe.


Have a designated sentimentals box. DIY Tip: if you don’t want to buy one simply use a large shoe box and wrap it in designer wrapping paper – it looks gorgeous!


Invest in a tall DVD / CD shelf – these don’t take up much space and you can get them cheaply at Argos.


Have one small drawer designated opened post and go through it weekly, filing away the paperwork into a binder with dividers.


Organization tips and tricks


Organize your DVD and CD collection by genre within your shelves, that way you will know which shelf to search in according to what you’re in the mood for.


Organize your books by genre, for example, I have a writing section, a personal development and psychology section and a Christian section.


Organize your shoes by style and color.


Store all your chargers and electrical items in one place and ensure they are both accessible and that any wires are tied up with a plastic band.


What are your top tips and tricks for organization and storage in the bedroom? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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