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What Does Spring Cleaning Involve And What’s The Best Order To Do It In?

Spring Cleaning is the act of decluttering, organizing and cleaning your home (in that order). The five steps to declutter are:


Step One

Get rid of all the rubbish and broken bits and pieces. For those items you are genuinely going to fix place them in a box.


Step Two

Work your way clockwise around the room. Have one bag for giving away / donating, another for throwing away items that you don’t use, and another for items to keep and organise later. Tackle all cupboards and drawers too!


Step Three

If you find you have two or more of any one thing keep the best one and put the duplicates to one side. When you have a box of repeat items donate them to a charity shop.


Step Four

Implement organizational systems! This is the fun part and includes buying smart storage solutions like a wardrobe shoe rack and setting up filing systems for all of those loose papers.


Step Five

Fix all that you have kept that needs to be fixed. If you decide not to have it fixed it needs to go in the bin.


Then comes cleaning! Remember to:



Spray all surfaces including tiles with antibacterial spray and wipe

Have carpets cleaned and freshened if needed

Clean windows and mirrors


Polish wooden furniture

Get behind hard to reach areas like the back of beds to Hoover and clean


Would you like to do a Spring Clean? What areas do you think would need the most attention? As always I’d love to hear from you so please do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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