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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Relaxing Nirvana

Try these top tips and tricks for bathroom storage, organization and decor, to help turn your bathroom into your very own relaxing nirvana.


Bathroom storage tips:


Having shared bathrooms for my entire life I know a thing or two about nifty storage ideas that keep everyone involved happy. Try these top tips to turn your bathroom into a space that works for you.


  • A tall corner bath rack
  • Hanging rack attached to the shower rail
  • Tall wicker basket with drawers
  • Mirror with cabinet


Bathroom decor tips:


Often we mistake the bathroom for an area where there is limited potential for altering the decor, less we fit an entirely new suite, however, there are many options, such as accents, which can transform the room. Here are my top tips and tricks to turn your bathroom into a nirvana without the heavy price tag of buying a new suite.


  • A plant brightens up any bathroom and, if you have space to have a few, gives a tropical feel
  • Have accents in the room that match the color of the tiles
  • Candles make a bathroom feel luxurious
  • Try to get ultra soft towels for a plush look
  • If you have shelves some black and white photos in a cream frame look classic and elegant
  • If you don’t need the extra space of a cabinet attached to your mirror try getting an ornamental mirror with period features for a sophisticated look
  • Vintage coloured bottles with vintage labels and creams or even cotton wool, hair bands or ear buds in them


Do you have any top tips on storage and decor for bathrooms? As always I’d love to hear from you so please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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