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What is Self-Discipline?


According to the Collins online dictionary, self discipline is:


“The act of power to discipline one’s own feelings, desires, etc, especially with the intention of improving oneself”


In my experience self-discipline is when we do things which we either don’t like, don’t want to at the time or which we simply have no motivation for, so that we can achieve more and improve ourselves.


For example, I woke up at 6am today to get everything I needed to do done, even though I would have much rather stayed in bed on this Easter bank holiday! I knew that if I gave in to my desire to sleep come Tuesday there would be no blog post to speak of and I wouldn’t have achieved what I wanted to.


As I grow older I find that I have more self-discipline than I ever used to. I’ve found it to be a lot like a muscle, needing to be stretched and exercised in order to become stronger. Though my self-discipline muscle needs consistent exercising, I am now maintaining my strength as opposed to building it up. Once you build your self-discipline muscle up to the strength you would like, you too will find maintaining that strength much easier than the initial effort of building it.


Stay tuned for tomorrows post on my five tips for strengthening our self-discipline muscle, thereby improving our levels of self-discipline and getting out of our own way!


What are your definitions of self-discipline? As always, I’d love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts in the comments below to join the discussion.

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