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How To Avoid A Negative Downward Spiral By Using The Power Of Positivity Part Two

Last week we saw how others negativity and our own can cause us to enter into a negative downward spiral, this week we explore the 8 key gains of adopting a positive outlook.


The 8 gains of a positive outlook:


Beyond the scientific evidence which supports the many benefits of being positive, positivity leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. Below are the nine key psychological advantages of fostering a positive mental attitude:


  1. Positivity enables us to see the best possible outcomes and leads us to feel inspired. When I was positive at my job in London I remember feeling excited for the future and being inspired to be creative and try new things. The more I visualised my future being happy and successful, the more inspired l became. Inspiration leads to an increased capacity for creativity. I often say creativity is self-expression in its truest form. Once we are inspired to express ourselves creatively, we naturally feel more at peace with our own individuality – what a wonderful by-product of inspiration and creative self-expression!


  1. Positive people also anticipate success rather than failure which feeds into our motivation and consequently reduces the likelihood that we will give up. When we envisage positive outcomes of challenging problems or situations, we automatically increase our resolve to persist until a positive outcome is reached, in line with our expectations.


  1. Positivity enables our levels of self-belief to rise. When we are positive and believe our futures will be filled with success it makes perfect sense that our self-belief in reaching our goals will also increase. When our self-belief rises fears of failure are reduced, leading to improved performance and productivity, thereby increasing our likelihood of success.


  1. Positive people tend to see and recognise opportunities more readily. When we have a positive outlook we subconsciously look for evidence to support our view, meaning that we seek the positive in every experience we have. This evidence seeking leads to searching for opportunities that negative people would often fail to see. Positive people are also more likely to take risks on new opportunities because fear of failure is not as prevalent and any failures are seen as stepping stones to success.


Stay tuned – next Monday we’ll discover the last four huge benefits to fostering a positive outlook!


On reflection, when you were most positive, what did you find were the main benefits? Did you experience benefits beyond what has been discussed today? Please share your experiences in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!




Write down the main benefits you have experienced from remaining positive in the past.


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