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Common Misconceptions About Forgiveness (And Why It’s So Important You Know Them)

As someone who has struggled with forgiveness in the past, one of the main things that held me back and prevented me from finding peace was the misconceptions I had about forgiveness. I truly believed that forgiveness was akin to reconciling and accepting poor behavior.


Below are the most harmful misconceptions held about forgiveness:


  • Forgiving means telling the person you have forgiven them
  • Forgiving means condoning the other persons behavior and treating it as acceptable
  • Forgiving means forgetting and not learning anything from the experience
  • Forgiving means trusting the other person again
  • Forgiving means reconciling and/or acting as if nothing has happened


Once we become aware of what forgiveness isn’t, we can then see whether our misconceptions were preventing us from finding the freedom and peace forgiveness offers us. In the next two weeks we will be learning more about each of these misconceptions but in the meantime stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what forgiveness is!


Did you hold any of the misconceptions listed about forgiveness? Do you feel encouraged that these are actually false beliefs held about forgiveness? Are you more inclined to forgive now you know what forgiveness isn’t? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community.

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