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To Forgive And Forget? Why It’s Wise To Forgive And Not Entirely Forget


When I forgave a friend several years ago I did so wholeheartedly but that doesn’t mean to say I forgot. I ensured that what the transgression revealed about her character I remembered. The experience taught me that in certain situations she had an inclination to behave poorly and I made sure that I remembered this so that I could protect myself from anything similar happening again.


In light of this I realized that it’s important to learn from the experience when someone wrongs us. Whilst they may apologize, it may be that they have a predisposition towards certain behavior and if we bear this in mind we can avoid situations that may invite the same behavior in future. But not entirely forgetting doesn’t mean holding the transgression over their heads or resenting them – this just indicates that we haven’t really forgiven them yet.


Do you struggle to let go of resentment and truly forgive? Have you forgiven and also learnt from the experience? What did you learn? Please share your thoughts below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community.

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