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Why Pride Could Be Preventing You From Finding Peace Of Mind

When someone hurts us our pride is often hurt too. ‘How could they do that to me?’ and ‘how dare they?!’ are both questions our pride asks out of pain. A sense of righteousness and indignation are common themes when it comes to pride and these serve as very powerful blocks to forgiveness.


The dangerous thing about when our pride is in overdrive is that it usually feels good. We get to feel superior, we get to hold the ‘higher ground’. Don’t let these prideful feelings fool you – pride is keeping you captive to your pain and resentment!


What helps most as an antidote to both righteousness and indignation is first understanding that even though we may think of ourselves as incapable of causing such upset we are imperfect alongside every other human being. And, if we’re brave and are really honest with ourselves, we have probably caused others upset to whatever degree in the past too. Realizing that we aren’t perfect lightens the load of righteousness and makes us infinitely more capable of forgiveness – forgiveness which ultimately leads to our liberation from pain and the regaining of our inner peace.


Do you think pride is a block to forgiveness? Has your pride been hurt in the past? What strategy did you use to overcome pride when trying to forgive? Please share your wisdom so we can all grow together, I’d love to hear from you.

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