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An Authentic Life: Setting Your OWN Priorities

If we want to lead truly authentic lives it then follows that we first need to be honest with ourselves. Honest about what we want for our lives (our goals) and honest about what is most important to us (our priorities).


When we are honest about what our priorities are we can then organize our time in such a way that it reflects what is most important to us. For example, I have declined a social engagement in favor of working on my writing, as that is what is most important to me. It’s worth mentioning that although I do prioritize writing, I also take time out to see friends, so that I have fun and avoid burn out.


If you find you have a tendency to people please and find it hard saying no (which you will need to do at times if you want a life that reflects your priorities instead of others) please read ‘Sick of over-extending yourself? Learn how to say no’.


Think of it a little like a three step process, being:


  1. Create goals that are meaningful to you – Please read ‘How to turn your dreams into reality’
  2. Place your goals in order of priority – What is the most important goal? Second? Third?
  3. Organize your time around your priorities – Please read ‘Personal Productivity: How to achieve in record breaking time’


If after having followed these steps you are having difficulty sticking to your schedule, please read ‘How to master the number 1 skill that all successful people share’.


Happy reading!


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