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The Many Misconceptions About Authenticity (And Why You Need To Know Them)

How many times have you heard someone be rude and afterwards say they are just ‘keeping it real’? All too often people who are rude hide behind the guise that they are just being authentic or honest. In truth being sensitive to others feelings is in no way linked to being authentic. If you genuinely are thinking something negative about someone and want to be authentic by communicating your opinion there is ALWAYS a way to convey what you mean diplomatically so that you don’t hurt anyone!


Another common misconception about authenticity is that often authentic people are selfish.. they say no when they don’t want to go out and they tend to prioritize their time only by what is important to them, not taking into account their friends needs or wishes. Though this can be true of some people, it is not an issue surrounding authenticity but rather selfishness. I am a very authentic person however whilst it’s true that I schedule my time around my goals I also take time out to see friends and I am not so inflexible or uncompassionate that I wouldn’t rearrange my plans if a close friend really needed me.


So, just to be clear authenticity is not akin to being rude or selfish – it is merely being who you truly are to whoever you meet, regardless of their social grouping. Understanding this truth is key because dispels our negative beliefs about what it is to be authentic and enables us to become more authentic which ultimately leads us to be accepted for who we truly are and have greater intimacy in our relationships.


Did you used to have misconceptions about authenticity and, if so, what were they? Has this article dispelled some of the myths surrounding authenticity for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, I’d love to hear from you.

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