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How To Design A More Fulfilling Life By Being Creative In 6 Simple Steps Part One

I loved being creative as a child. I used to sketch for hours. I used to make up songs about unicorns and sing them in the car to my mom. As I matured my creativity was stifled by my burgeoning ‘adult’ perspective which constantly evaluated my work and told me that my creativity was childish. Little by little I became more inhibited and less creative until the day came that I ceased being creative altogether.


It was only in my twenty-eighth year, when I sang along to a tune on the radio, that I was inspired to take up singing again. It was such a spontaneous moment, filled with the joy only creative self-expression brings. But for years I had no creative outlet.  With benefit of hindsight, I can see clearly how comparatively empty my life was without one. It was as if I was trying to speak but my vocal cords didn’t work and no matter how I tried I couldn’t ever fully express myself.


Over the many years I lacked creativity, I had actually come to believe that I wasn’t the creative type, that it just wasn’t something I could do. But I was missing the point entirely. Being creative wasn’t about the end result; it was about the process. It was about expressing yourself, something that everyone was born able to do and is as natural as speaking itself.


One of the things I found most rewarding was the feeling of absolute joy it brought me. I entered into a state of complete abandon and immersion, a state that I have yet to discover by any other means.


Once singing had stimulated my creativity I eagerly began searching for more ways to be creative. It was then that I began to write. Shortly after deciding to write I took six steps which propelled my creativity to become more expressive and rewarding. This happened quite organically but in retrospect these steps nurtured my imagination and provided me with the right conditions to enhance my creative capacity.


To inspire you to embark on your own creative journey and create a more fulfilling life, I share these same steps with you in this series. Stay tuned – next week we’ll delve into the first two steps to help you fulfil your creative potential.


Were you ever creative as a child? Did you used to enjoy being creative? If you are creative today what creative activities do you most like? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, support and insight from our community, we’d love to hear from you.




  1. Write a list of all the creative activities you used to like as a child
  2. Do one creative activity you used to like as a child from the list and see how it makes you feel
  3. Commit to trying out an activity from your list once a month for fun


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