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How To Design A More Fulfilling Life By Being Creative In 6 Simple Steps Part Three

Last week we looked at how play and quality alone time can boost our creativity and lead us to live more fulfilling lives. This week we explore how to maximize our creative potential through seeking advisers, creating a tranquil and inspiring environment and installing daily creative routines. Be prepared for your creativity to shine through brighter than the north star!


Step Three – Acquire a Cabinet of Advisors and Know Each Members Specialism


When I started to write one of the first things I did was to acquire a cabinet of advisers. I enlisted a practicing therapist to approve the psychology content of my articles and I got my mom, a teacher, to proof-read my articles for grammar. It was easy to recognize the specialism of my mom and the therapist straight away but it isn’t always so obvious.


For example, I sent one of my blog articles to my best friend who gave me some invaluable constructive criticism. As a result of her feedback I realised her specialism was content evaluation from the readerships perspective.


One of the reasons why my cabinet was so effective is because each member was honest with their feedback, they weren’t simply ‘yes people’, they gave me genuine guidance. When choosing your own advisers make sure you select people who will deliver honest advice in a sensitive and diplomatic way.


By taking the time to acquire a cabinet and know each members specialism I gained invaluable feedback on how to get the most out of my creative process.  You, too, can create a cabinet, to guide you in your creative journey.


Step Four – Create a Sanctuary Which is Free From Distractions


My bedroom is exactly as I like it.  It is filled with hues of plum and white and the shelves are adorned with scented candles. Everything is in place and there is no clutter in sight. It is a space where I feel completely relaxed and where no one is able to distract me.


When deciding where to be creative it is vital that you choose somewhere that inspires you, a sanctuary that fills you with a sense of peace and tranquillity. For me this space is my bedroom but for you it may be your study, living room or even your local library or park.


Step Five – Daily Practise vs. Inspiration


Often scheduling time to be creative is seen as restrictive to creativity, with the notion that creativity is usually at its best when it comes from a moment of inspiration. Whilst inspiration is key to fostering higher levels of creativity, contrary to popular belief, most creative people schedule in time to work at their art. For example, almost all books on writing suggest scheduling time in the morning to write and making it a daily habit.


The key is to allow for moments of inspiration to grab you and go with the flow whilst also dedicating a set amount of time each day or week to being creative. Setting aside a time in this way can actually help to prompt inspiration rather than waiting for it to magically manifest itself. For those moments when inspiration does grab you, carry a notebook with you wherever you go so that you can write down your thoughts and ideas.


Stay tuned – next week we will find out the last step and number one mistake people make when they first try to be creative and how you can avoid it at all costs.


Have you already got advisers or can you think of someone who would be good as one? What one thing could you do to create a more inspiring environment to be more creative in? What one habit or routine would enable you to take your creativity to the next level? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, support and insight from our community, we’d love to hear from you.




  1. Acquire one cabinet member and work out their specialism
  2. Find or create an inspiring environment for you to be creative in
  3. Make a commitment to do your chosen creative activity more often, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly and diarize it so that no matter what your mood you engage in it – this helps to prompt inspiration rather than waiting for it to magically appear!


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