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What Is Creativity Anyway? (And Why It’s A Big Deal)

Rollo May, defines creativity in ‘The Courage to Create’ as:


“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.” 


To me, creativity is divine. It is the process of creation and is self-expression in its purest form. When we express ourselves so authentically the result is utter elation and fulfillment.


I am saddened when I think back to the years of my life when I didn’t think I was ‘the creative type’. Had I known that the process of being creative was as natural to the human race as breathing, I could have had many more years reveling in the joy of being creative.


The truth is that anyone can be creative. All creativity involves is expressing yourself through artistry. This could be singing, drawing, writing, scrapbooking or even photography – the list is endless. The end result is neither right nor wrong, good or bad.. it just is! It is your voice and how you express yourself in the world. It is beautiful and elegant in its own right.


Throughout this month my hope is that you will begin find and develop your voice so that you too can bask in the ecstasy of being creative and enjoy an even greater level of fulfillment in life.


What is your perception of creativity? Do you believe that you have to be talented to be creative? Are you excited by the notion that anyone can be creative?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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