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How To Reveal Your Passions And Discover Your Life Purpose In 4 Easy Steps Part One

As a little girl I used to fantasize about being a famous actress. I would envisage walking down the red carpet arm in arm with a handsome actor who adored me. I remember how excited I was when I went to my first drama group. This, I thought, was how my rise to fame and fortune would start.


A while after joining the group, my hopes and dreams were dashed when my mom was informed that acting was not my forte. At the time I felt like a failure, I was so sure I was meant to be an actress. The same thing happened when I joined my ballet class. Again, I was heartbroken.


I realize now that even although my efforts were mismatched to my talents, it was the creative process that I enjoyed, and my desire to pursue these activities strongly indicated where my passions lay. At twenty-nine when I was singing in the car the epiphany struck me – creativity was my calling.


I began searching for creative passions. I started singing lessons and went on creative writing courses. I started making mosaics, I began scrapbooking and card making. Although I believe the process of being creative is more important than the ends, to pursue creativity professionally, I knew I needed to discover something I was both passionate about and had a certain amount of skill at.


I followed four fundamental steps to discover my passions and reveal my purpose. To help uncover your life purpose, I have shared these steps with you in this series.


Stay tuned – next week we look at the first two steps and discover the critical difference between passion and purpose and how you can start taking action towards your true purpose.


Did you have passions as a child that you no longer pursue? Were they all centred around one type of activity, like creativity, English or even science?




  1. List all of your childhood passions – this could be sports, art or even something academic like science
  2. Try one of your childhood passions to try out in the next week and see if it is still a passion of yours
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