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Why They Call It Love At First Sight And Other Musings

Hi All,


My sincere apologies, you may have noticed in recent weeks that I haven’t been posting as frequently as usual. Several weeks ago on a Friday afternoon my father decided to have complicated double cataract surgery – the following Monday and Wednesday no less! My mother and I were in a complete frenzy trying to help my father prepare for the surgery and book his disabled hotel room for his recovery whilst also trying to mentally prepare ourselves for my fathers immanent operations.


My mother, at 66 years old (even though she only looks 52) has had to administer eye drops for my father up to four times a day, with nail bitingly high precision (if just one additional drop hits the eye the entire eye needs to be washed out). To help my mother, who also works, manage, I offered to look after Rusty, our adorable Yorkshire Terrier who is fifteen years old and has reduced kidney function meaning he needs to be fed and hydrated every two to three hours. The good news is both Rusty and my father are doing well, with my dad making a speedy recovery.




Due to the speed at which my father booked in the surgery, and the haste with which we all needed to adapt to our new regimes, I have been unable to maintain my usual four times weekly posts, though I have made sure to continue the Monday series posts. In the coming weeks I shall be building back up to my regular four times weekly posts, in the meantime I hope you enjoy and take value from the current series on how to reveal your passions and discover your life purpose.


In the midst of all the chaos caused by acclimatizing to all of the changes it made me think, why were mom and I so petrified of these operations when we were comparatively calm when my dad underwent prostate cancer surgery?  I think in part we had longer to come to terms with that operation but with this it felt so sudden. But it was more than that – it was my dads sight. Eyes are inextricably linked to the essence of someone, it is the looking glass into their mind and spirit and the portal by which they see and interpret the world. That is why they call it love at first sight! It made me realize and value the importance of my own sight in some strange way, it made me aware of how priceless my eyesight was to my existence and reminded me not to take it for granted.


Very seldom have I ever had an insight into the deep rooted and painful regret we experience once we realize that what we once took for granted is now gone – perhaps permanently – and we discover the enormous worth it had all along. One of the few times I remember having this realization was when I had my breakdown, how much I missed having good mental health and how, at my lowest moments, I felt I may have lost it for good. I remember wishing I could go back in time and relive times when I was happy, only this time recognizing, appreciating, adoring my mental health. The wonderful thing is however, that it did return.


For those of you out there suffering with the loss of something you once took for granted but now realize was priceless my message is simple. There is hope. If you are suffering from a physical illness don’t give up, you can beat this. For those suffering with emotional scars that appear like they may never heal, trust me, they can and – if you seek help – they most likely will. For those of you that have not lost anything, cherish all that you have and take a minute to imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t blessed with good eyesight, hearing, physical or mental health. If you take just a minute to ponder this you will experience the absolute joy at knowing just how blessed you are to have all this and more.


What do you consider priceless to your life? Have you taken time to appreciate it lately? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,


x X x Jenny x X x


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