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The 10 Key Behaviors That Will Ensure Strong Family Bonds Over The Holidays Part Four

Last week we examined the key behaviors of being affectionate, thoughtful and quick to apologize. This week we look at the last two key behaviors, being quick to forgive and being willing to compromise.


Behavior Nine – Be Quick to Forgive


If a family member tries to make amends following a conflict, appreciate their sentiment and be quick to forgive. It certainly isn’t easy to accept responsibility for poor behavior, so your willingness to forgive will develop confidence that the relationship is strong enough to bear conflict and build trust that hurt can be healed. If you have difficulty forgiving please read ‘How to liberate yourself by overcoming the three blocks to forgiveness’.


Behavior Ten – Compromise


Wherever possible work to reach a compromise when disagreements occur. For example, if your parents wash up their dishes immediately and you wait a while, negotiate that whilst preparing your meal you will wash up immediately but that after you’ve eaten you will wait a while before washing up again. This will show a willingness to be considerate and will improve relations.


I am happy to report that my family bonds are now stronger than ever. We still have our moments, but they are few and far between and are short lived. Since adopting these ten key behaviors we have become very close, having deepened our family bonds.  We now value and appreciate one another and express our affection freely.


As you enter into the festive season this year, apply these behaviors too so you can enjoy a harmonious holiday season, filled with love and happiness.


Do you struggle to forgive quickly? Do you consider yourself open to compromising with your family? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.




  1. List the most significant disagreement you have had with your family which you have yet to forgive.
  2. Read ‘How to liberate yourself by overcoming the three blocks to forgiveness’ and commit to forgiving your family for the part they had to play in the disagreement.
  3. Write down ways to limit the recurring disagreements you have with your family by listing possible compromises you could make in future.
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