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For Those Less Fortunate This Winter…

Christmas really is my favorite time of year. There’s something about the way the cold crisp air makes everything inside feel cozy inside, the endless roast dinners to die for and the precious time spent with family. It is during these special moments that I often think of those less fortunate than myself, those who desperately need help but don’t have the means to get it.


My aim is for Accessible Psychology to help people create the lives they long for and I believe the work of the International Justice Mission does just this. The work they do in helping rehabilitate children with traumatic childhoods is particularly close to my heart, as is all the work they do to abolish violent oppression. Please continue to read so you can discover for yourself the amazing work this charity does…

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International Justice Mission is a global organisation that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. In nearly 20 communities throughout Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Southeast Asia, IJM combats slavery, sex trafficking, sexual violence, police brutality, property grabbing and other forms of violence.


The restoration of victims is a vital yet complicated issue, and it is an aspect that  is committed to growing and continually improving.  As you might imagine, the  their clients face, be it illegal land seizure, police abuse of power, trafficking, slavery, or sexual abuse, has a major impact on the lives of their clients & their mental and physical health, their ability to participate in education or work, their relationships, their view of the world, themselves and their future – no part of life goes untouched.


After care services provided to survivors vary based on the type of abuse they have faced.  For example, in the case of minors rescued from sexual exploitation, IJM partners with existing after care homes run by other Non-Governmental Organisations to provide longer-term care. The homes clients are placed in are usually equipped to provide the appropriate counselling, health care, education, training and social development to set their clients on the road to healing from the horrific abuse they survived.


These facilities are located in a culture that is familiar to the children, where they are among others who are also healing from similar situations of abuse.  IJM provides services and follow up to minors rescued from sexual exploitation from the time they are rescued until they become majors and have completed their after care program to ensure that they have been fully restored and can be reintegrated into their communities and can live safe and sustainable lives on their own.


If, like me, you donate to charity during the festive season please consider donating a small amount towards International Justice Mission’s work.


To donate please click on the Virgin Money Giving link: 



Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas everyone.

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