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Why Displaying Affection Towards Family Is Vital

Not all family’s are as affectionate as mine. We hug, say I love you often and are very open with our affections towards one another. It’s true though that not all family’s are alike when it comes to displaying affection, some are rather more reserved but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all types of affection are therefore inappropriate.


Below I have listed all of the different ways we can be affectionate towards our family as we approach the holiday season, the list begins with the most reserved means of affection and ends with the most openly affectionate gestures.


• Buying them coffee at their favorite café
• Sending thank you cards saying why you are grateful for their gift
• Helping your mom or dad to cook the Christmas meal
• Remembering what their favorite TV show is and recording it for them
• Complementing family and saying what you like about them
• Buying a thoughtful and sentimental present which shows how much you care for them
• Hugging!
• Pecks on the cheek
• Saying ‘I love you’


How do you show your affection towards your family? Is your family reserved or openly affectionate? How does this impact how you relate to your family? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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