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Hobbies And Interests Questionnaire

One of the easiest ways to do a life audit is to just ask yourself ten questions for each area of your life and then give yourself a score to find out how to rate yourself.


Below I’ve outlined ten questions for your hobbies and interests life area so you can easily assess where you’re currently at – simply give yourself a score out of ten for each question with one being awful and ten being excellent, with no room for improvement.


  1. Do you have any hobbies? (Participating in team sports, photography, bird watching)
  2. Do you have any interests? (Science, psychology, reading fiction)
  3. Do you actively seek to try out new hobbies if you don’t have any? (Scoring: Already have hobbies = 10, Don’t have hobbies and don’t seek new ones out = 1, Don’t have hobbies and seek new ones out = 10)
  4. Do you actively seek to try out new interests if you don’t have any? (Scoring: Already have interests = 10, Don’t have interests and don’t seek new ones out = 1, Don’t have interests and seek new ones out = 10)
  5. Do you enjoy your hobbies without thinking about the outcome of the activity?
  6. Do you ever get frustrated by your hobbies or interests in terms of your progress? (Reverse scoring: All the time = 1, Never = 10)
  7. Do your hobbies get you in an immersive state?
  8. Do your interests get you in an immersive state?
  9. How fun are your hobbies to you?
  10. How fun are your interests to you?


Now add up your total score. Below is the scoring key:


1-10       =             1 mark out of 10 (poor)

11-20     =             2 marks out of 10

21-30     =             3 marks out of 10

31-40     =             4 marks out of 10

41-50     =             5 marks out of 10

51-60     =             6 marks out of 10

61-70     =             7 marks out of 10

71-80     =             8 marks out of 10

81-90     =             9 marks out of 10

91-100   =             10 marks out of 10 (amazing)


Crystal Clear Questions



Do you have many hobbies and interests?


Are your hobbies and interests fun and enjoyable, immersive even?


If the answer to either of these questions is no you may want to look at browsing www.tasterlab.com which has a huge selection of hobbies and interests that even the most selective of us would love.


Do you have too many hobbies? Would you like to develop more interests? Are you frustrated that you never seem to have enough time to pursue your hobbies and interests (see time and productivity questionnaire posted Tuesday 19th January).. Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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