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Renewed Hope And Fresh Beginnings

I love the New Year; it makes me feel like anything is possible, like I’ve been given a second chance to fulfill my hopes and dreams. Over the years I’ve built up a kind of tradition to set myself up for the year ahead. I sit down with excitement and anticipation as I write out my life audit, upcoming goals and 40 before 40 bucket list review.


This year I thought I would give you an inside look into the process behind doing a life audit and why doing one is essential if you want to kick start the new year with intention and purpose. Think of this month’s hot topic as a precursor to my article on goals titled ‘How to turn your dreams into reality’. Back in 2009 honestly assessing where I was in life was the turning point that propelled me forward to create tangible goals, many of which I have since achieved.


Along with the series posts on Mondays they’ll be weekly posts with questionnaires to guide you through the process of conducting your very own life audit for each area of your life.


The eight key areas which we will be exploring in this month’s hot topic titled ‘How to Avoid Living by Default and Design Your Ideal Life’ are below:


  • Work
  • Finances
  • Time and Productivity
  • Body and Health
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Relaxation
  • Family and Friends
  • Romance


The first instalment of this series is released on Monday the 4th January.


Happy New Year everyone, may this year be your best year yet!


x X x Jenny x X x

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