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Work Audit Questionnaire

One of the easiest ways to do a life audit is to just ask yourself ten questions for each area of your life and then give yourself a score to find out how to rate yourself.


Below I’ve outlined ten questions for your work life area so you can easily assess where you’re currently at – simply give yourself a score out of ten for each question with one being awful and ten being excellent, with no room for improvement.




  1. How fulfilled are you day to day at work?
  2. Do you like the amount of variety or sameness / predictability in your work days?
  3. How much do you like the people that you work with overall?
  4. Do you feel motivated to perform well?
  5. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your workload? (Reverse scoring, i.e.: always = 1, never = 10)
  6. Does your work challenge you so you feel you are stretching yourself and developing new skills?
  7. Do you feel you are being paid enough for your contribution to the company?
  8. Is there a limit to how far you can climb up the career path and if so does it limit you? (Scoring: limited career path and not happy = 1, limited career path but happy with it = 10, no limit on career advancement = 10)
  9. Are you happy with how much vacation time you receive?
  10. Does your job promote a good work / life balance?


Now add up your total score. Below is the scoring key:


1-10       =             1 mark out of 10 (poor)

11-20     =             2 marks out of 10

21-30     =             3 marks out of 10

31-40     =             4 marks out of 10

41-50     =             5 marks out of 10

51-60     =             6 marks out of 10

61-70     =             7 marks out of 10

71-80     =             8 marks out of 10

81-90     =             9 marks out of 10

91-100   =             10 marks out of 10 (amazing)


Crystal Clear Questions


Answering the following questions will help you to get crystal clear on what a perfect ten score for your work would look like in reality.


Would you like more of a work / life balance? Are you able to leave your work at work? If you don’t have a good work / life balance would you be open to earning less in favor of more free time or less responsibility?


Would you like to be more or less busy at work? What types of jobs or types of companies would offer this?


Given your experience and location, what is the current industry rate for your career? Does your current salary reflect the industry rate? What would you like to be on moving forward? How could you negotiate a pay rise?


Do you have enough vacation time? Is this something you could negotiate moving forwards or would you like to seek alternative work which offers more time off?


Have you ever done a work life area audit? Did you use my questionnaire? Did the questions help you to assess how satisfied you are with your work life? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, support and insight from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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