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Why Not Reading Could Damage Your Quality Of Life

Reading can transport us to the most adventurous, exciting of places. We can travel to far away countries, be inspired by true tales of touching, poignant or even triumphant lives or venture into magical worlds of fiction. Reading is play at its best. Reading can impact our lives profoundly, enabling us to view the world from a different perspective, perhaps even motivating us to change how we live our lives.


When we don’t read we rob ourselves of the opportunity to widen our worldview, expand our life experience, learn from those wiser than us and, critically, play. Whether you enjoy fiction or non-fiction we can all benefit from reading a good book.


Below are just a few genres of books that can expand our horizons:




• Children’s
• Fantasy
• Sci-Fi
• Horror
• Mystery
• Thriller
• Crime
• Westerns
• Romance
• Romance comedy
• Comedy
• Comedy drama
• Drama




• Travel
• History
• Science
• Investigative journalism
• Biographies and autobiographies
• Personal Development and Self Help
• Psychology
• Hobbies (ie gardening, cooking)
• Learning (foreign language, car maintenance, grammar)


What types of books do you read? Do you get as much time to read as you would like? What would you like to read more of? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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