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Problem Solving; Can’t Decide? You May Not Have To!

Although there are definitely times when deciding which specific solution is needed is not only wise but necessary there are also times when a multi-pronged approach is beneficial. For example, when solving how to get to work in the shortest amount of time requires only one solution deciding how to maximize your chances of finding work you might want to adopt several strategies as listed in this weeks series post.


If you do decide to adopt a multi-pronged approach it is important to recognize why this will benefit you. Does it strengthen the likelihood of solving your problem? Are there diminishing returns with the number of complimentary strategies you adopt?


Likewise it is advantageous to consider whether you realistically have the resources, time and energy to take on a multi-pronged approach. It is pointless adopting one if you would be so over stretched you may burn out for instance.


HINT: Having a diary will help you honestly assess whether you have the time to take one on. Please read my time management article titled ‘Personal Productivity; How to Achieve in Record-Breaking Time’ for a more in-depth look into how to maximize your daily output.


Have you ever used a multi-pronged approach to solve a problem? How did it work for you? Did you consider how it would benefit you and whether you had the resources to execute it well? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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