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How To Stop Being A Spectator; Mini Series Part Two

Do you ever feel as though life is passing you by and you are just going through the motions each day, surviving rather than walking into the future with a meaningful purpose?


One of the foundation blocks to fostering greater resilience is having clear goals and a purpose to work towards which will give you focus, direction and fulfillment, so that when tough times hit you have created a life of meaning and value – a life you want to fight to get back on track with!


In my article titled ‘How to Discover Your Passions and Reveal Your Life Purpose in 4 Easy Steps’ it talks of how discovering our passions ultimately lead to finding our life purpose…




“Step One – Passion vs. Purpose


Although passion and purpose are often used interchangeably, there are in fact two very different things.


Passions can be enjoyed for their own sake, and you certainly don’t have to be skilled at them to find them rewarding. My passions were singing, scrapbooking and writing.


My purpose, on the other hand, was how I used one of my passions for a cause greater than myself. For example, my passion was writing, but my purpose was to help others through my writing.


Everyone’s purpose, without exception, helps others in some way. When we find our purpose and contribute positively to society, we reap the rewards of happiness, gratitude and fulfillment.


With this in mind, to discover your life purpose, you need to choose a passion that you’re at least fairly good at, so you can develop your gift to help others. Although a passion doesn’t always translate into a life purpose, a life purpose always begins with one of your passions.”


Just in case you were wondering, the other steps were…


Step Two – Take Action

Step Three – Ask Challenging Questions

Step Four – Face Your Fears


So if you think your life purpose remains undiscovered, create a life you love, increasing your resilience by boosting your emotional resources.


Can you appreciate why having a life purpose would create a rewarding and fulfilling life, helping you to be resilient and get back on track when faced with difficulty? What passions did you have as a child? How important do you think it is for you to find your life purpose? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, support and insight from our community, we’d love to hear from you.





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