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Get Started On Your Way To A Happier Life By Doing My Kindness Challenge

When I first wrote this months series I was so inspired by the idea of giving away your favorite book on public transport with a note I decided to embark on my very own kindness project. My favorite book had been Lovely Bones for years because it spoke of the strength of the human spirit and the journey we all go on to be at peace with ourselves and our circumstances. I carefully crafted a kindness pack, it had an introduction saying what had inspired me to do the kindness project, a review of the book, the book itself, this months kindness article and a request the reader passed on a kind act. I then placed it in a clear A3 envelope with glitter writing on the front saying ‘Psssst, I’m a gift, read me’.


I did thirty packs in total to give away to those who showed kind acts or left for members of the public to find. I’ll never forget a wonderful girl who wrote on my Facebook page that she had discovered her pack on Saturday morning and read the entire book during the weekend. She had said that as a result of reading the book she was reevaluating her life and going to make some positive life changes. She even said that she was inspired to do a kindness project of her very own. To say I was touched was an understatement, to me this made it all worthwhile.


In the spirit of kindness this month I am going to do something different. There will be three kindness project options to choose from depending on how much time you want to commit to your very own kindness project. Remember, kindness is inextricably linked to long-term happiness and the greater the challenge, the better the rewards. Please see below and choose which kindness project you would most like to embark on…


Small project: Do the Monday series post exercises each week

Medium project: Do Tues, Weds and Thurs kindness challenges each week

Big project: Do a full thirty day kindness project, created in part or entirely by you!


Wishing you all a wonderful month full of happiness!


x X x Jenny x X x

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