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Are Bad Boys Actually Narcissists?

There are many girls who are drawn to bad boys, the flashy, arrogant and charming types. Interestingly the bad boy stereotype fits in with the average narcissist perfectly, who are often charismatic and self serving with little empathy. What is perhaps more concerning though is that seemingly ‘nice guys’ can also be narcissists – they can be faithful despite their narcissistic persuasion.


In truth narcissism is more closely linked with the typical bad boy but narcissism is indiscriminate and there are as many different types of narcissist as there are people, each with their own varying degree of narcissism.


One of the things that makes narcissists so appealing (at least, at first) is their often charismatic nature, their flashy image and the attention they place on others so they can get adoration in return as a source for their ego.


If you see a seemingly ‘nice guy’ one way to see if he has narcissistic tendencies is to watch out for whether he has a difficult time admitting he’s wrong, apologizing or forgiving others. If he does, beware, he may well be an undercover narcissist.


With the vast majority of narcissists being typical bad boys, the next time you see a charming bad boy it is worth asking yourself – is he a narcissist?


Are you attracted to bad boys or have you been in the past? Have you ever dated a narcissist? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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