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Why Narcissists Never Suspect They Are Narcissists

One of the core elements of narcissism is that narcissists cannot acknowledge or accept their weaknesses as they find it too threatening to their sense of self. In order to compensate for their weaknesses they present a flashy charismatic persona to the world in a bid to cover their true self, often becoming consumed with love for the false self they present to the world and using the admiration or attention from others to feed their often fragile egos.


It’s not surprising therefore to understand why narcissists are the last to suspect that they are in fact narcissists – this is simply just too threatening to their sense of self.


I once knew a narcissist who prided himself on being humble, ironically being humble was part of his false self persona and in reality he was very egotistical about being humble, thereby negating his apparent humbleness altogether. I took this as useful experience that all too often there are many layers to narcissists and a lesson learnt that I needed to not take things on face value from that point on when it came to narcissism. Thankfully there are tell tale signs such as never saying sorry and finding it hard to forgive or holding grudges (he did both).


Have you ever known an obvious narcissist who was totally unaware of his / her condition? Did you find it frustrating? Did you decide to continue or end the relationship? Please share your experiences in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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