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How To Preserve The Romance In Your Relationship

One of the best ways to preserve the romance in any relationship is to let your partner know how much you appreciate them.


Do thoughtful things that let them know you are thinking of them.


If you are married with kids have designated date nights when it is just the two of you in a romantic setting.


Show each other your love in practical ways by doing the chores the other hates or make daily chores romantic, like cooking dinner together whilst talking over your plans for the weekend.


Never ever forget to tell the other how much you love them, often and sincerely. And always remember their likes and dislikes.


For example, my boyfriend knows I find it hard to wake up in the morning so he keeps some galaxy chocolate beside my bed because he knows once he points to it in the morning I will wake up. Funny I know, but very thoughtful and sweet too.


Do you tell your current or did you tell your past partner how much you appreciate him / her? Do you try to find ways to do thoughtful things for them? If you are married with kids do you make time for date nights? Do you have any of your own tips for keeping the romance alive? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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