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How To Avoid Being Discouraged When Trying To Foster More Confidence

In today’s world where results are expected to be instant – this attitude fueled by both technology and the media – it is often forgotten that most things worthwhile take time. It is true that you can have breakthroughs and instant results (especially when Tony Robbins is your personal coach) but a little patience is usually required when developing a new habit, trait or skill. If you want to speed up this process try thinking of your reason why every time you feel discouraged to motivate you and picture yourself achieving the goal.


Often when we work towards something like fostering more confidence we can overly berate ourselves for stumbles along the way and fail to praise ourselves enough for the small wins. So every time you catch your inner critic saying something like ‘you got that wrong’ or ‘look, you did it again’ just roll your eyes and take no notice! For a more in depth look at silencing our inner critic please read my self-compassion article titled ‘How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Become Your Own Best Friend’.


Take time to celebrate your small wins – if you voice your differing opinion in a group setting or manage to engage another in conversation at a party for example. If you haven’t had any small wins lately plan scenarios when you can practice being more confident and throw yourself into these situations more often.


Do you ever feel daunted by the prospect of fostering more confidence? Do you find it hard to maintain motivation? Do you take the time to really celebrate your small wins? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.





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