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Receiving Criticism In Action: Practicing Negative Assertion

Take your example of a time when someone criticized you and explore if there was anything you agreed with, even if it was just agreeing with the fact you could have spoken softer in the moment.


Although it’s often hard to recognize the part we have had to play in high conflict situations or in the areas we are criticized in, the truth is often not so black or white. If you are being criticized about a high conflict situation take the time to reflect as there is usually at least some way we have contributed to the conflict, whether it be in our tone of voice, the things we said or our actions.


If the criticism does not concern a high conflict situation it is still just as important to be reflective, trying to see things from the others perspective but taking care not to accept it without careful consideration (after all it may be malicious criticism). Try to be as honest as you can when thinking about whether the criticism you received in the example you chose last week was valid in any way and write down the elements of the criticism you agreed with, if any.


Did you discover any elements of the criticism you agreed with? Did you find this exercise particularly hard? Do you have a tendency to be passive and accept criticism without first evaluating whether it is valid? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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