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Budgeting In Action: Finish Your Life Goals Budget

Please download Accessible Psychology’s ‘Financial Budgeting Spreadsheet’ below, to take part in today’s exercise:


Download “Finance-Budgeting-Spreadsheet.xlsb” Finance-Budgeting-Spreadsheet.xlsb – Downloaded 270 times – 17 KB


Life Goals Budget, Part Two
Refer to your filled out ‘Monthly Savings Budget – Five Year Plan’ sheet and record when you will start saving, when you will finish saving and decide upon a goal completion date based upon not only when you will have saved up enough (as entered in your ‘Monthly Savings Sheet – Five Year Plan’) but also upon how long the goal itself will take to execute.




You now have a detailed and all-inclusive budget which will enable you to achieve all of your life goals and obtain a greater level of financial security than ever before. If your budget changes in any way the formulas have been designed to account for this and do all the working out for you.


So, no matter whether you need to save over a longer period of time due to having less monthly savings, or a shorter period of time due to having more monthly savings (lucky you), the budgeted savings figures will adapt. This will allow you in turn to rework your ‘Monthly Savings Budget – Five Year Plan’ sheet with what you will save towards each month and how much.


Remember – there’s no need to write off goals if your expenses go up, it might just mean they happen slightly later on that’s all.


How do you feel now you have created a thorough budget? Do you feel more in control of your finances? Are you more optimistic for what your financial future holds? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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