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Letting Go And Moving On; How To Get Unstuck And Step Into A Bright Future – Part Four

So far in the series we have covered the first three steps to letting go and moving on, these being:


  1. Recognize how your actions are contributing to your pain
  2. Force yourself to socialize
  3. Take up hobbies


This week we look at the final two steps, specifically creating goals and imagining a happy, meaningful and fulfilling future.


Create goals


Creating goals was critical in helping me to design a happy future, after creating several goals I suddenly felt excited for what the future held again. Creating goals is literally the process of turning your dreams into reality – who on earth wouldn’t be excited by that prospect?


Very soon I was running my first 5k for charity, skydiving, passing my driving test and landing my first managerial job!


If you would like to discover how to create meaningful, realistic and achievable goals, please read my article ‘How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality’ and begin creating the wonderful future you have always dreamed about.


Imagine a happy, meaningful and fulfilling future


Once I had set goals this step became much easier but I continued to actively look for ways to develop my positivity further. I read personal development books and looked for people whose life story inspired me. I watched TED Talks of people who had overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles triumphantly. I signed up for Facebook groups which posted daily positive picture quotes. I stopped reading and watching the news which filled my mind with needless negativity. I had visualization sessions in my room with candles and chill out music, imagining how I would achieve all my goals.


If you would like to explore how you can foster a more positive outlook, helping you to imagine a happy, meaningful and fulfilling future, please read my article titled ‘How to Avoid A Negative Downward Spiral by Using the Power of Positivity’.


The world is full of infinite possibilities just waiting to be discovered by you. All you have to do is follow these steps and in so doing create a life you love, one that is filled with meaning and beauty and is the source of unimaginable joy. So don’t allow your pain to put your life on pause any longer, hit play and step into your future today!


Further resources:


‘Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation’ by Donald Altman

This book uses a mindfulness based approach to letting go and moving on.


‘The Secret to Letting Go and Moving On’ by Joff Day (Kindle version)

This book uses a psychological based approach to letting go and moving on.


‘When the past won’t let you go: find the healing that lets you move on’ by H Norman Wright

This book uses a spiritual approach to letting go and moving on.


Stay tuned – next month’s hot topic is ‘Finding Your Inner Zen; How to Realize a Work / Life Balance’.


Did you enjoy this month’s series? What was your number one takeaway? What steps do you plan to put into practice? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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