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Letting Go And Moving On; How To Get Unstuck And Step Into A Bright Future – Part One

At the times in my life when I couldn’t face moving on the festive period was especially hard. Harmonious relationships and joyous times flooding the television, portraying a perfect, happy and uncomplicated life only accentuated my pain. This often triggered my thinking back – very much through rose tinted lenses – to my romanticized past.


Of course the holidays can bring up old memories but what I am referring to is a year round state of pain and its associated paralysis, leaving you unable to move past it, with the holidays just making the notion of moving on even harder.


It took me six years to get over my first encounter with romance. I remember agonizing over the pain, the fact that it was the only thing linking us in the present both comforting and familiar. Although I don’t believe in regrets, I look back at that time in my life and want to shake my younger self until I saw sense.


Not only did I romanticize the past but I failed to see how I was actively contributing to my misery in the present. And to make things worse I had shut myself off from meeting anyone new.


My friends all told me to let go and move on but I had no idea how.


Quite by accident I took five important steps which allowed me to release myself from my imprisonment in the past and step into to my future with a happy heart and plenty of hope. If you want to move past the pain, these steps can help you create a life full of joy, laughter and happiness.


Since letting go and moving on I became open to the idea of meeting someone new. Soon after doing this I met someone who I can honestly say is the most kind and genuine man I’ve ever known, my soul mate.


I now realize why it was never meant to work out with anyone else and I am so grateful that it didn’t. But I can’t help but ponder what would have been had I not had the courage to let go and move on, all I know is that I would have missed out on the most happy moments of my life so far.


If amidst your pain you can’t imagine what amazing things life has in store for you should you chose to let go – take heart – you are not alone. I too struggled with this. But having come out the other side I can honestly say that if you have the courage take the steps I will share with you in this series, to both close the door on your pain and move on, amazing things await you too.


Further resources:


‘Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation’ by Donald Altman

This book uses a mindfulness based approach to letting go and moving on.


‘The Secret to Letting Go and Moving On’ by Joff Day (Kindle version)

This book uses a psychological based approach to letting go and moving on.


‘When the past won’t let you go: find the healing that lets you move on’ by H Norman Wright

This book uses a spiritual approach to letting go and moving on.


Stay tuned – next week I introduce the first couple of steps to letting go and moving on!


Have you ever experienced difficulty in letting go and moving on? Are you holding onto pain at the moment? Can you even imagine a bright future beyond what or who you are longing for? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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