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Letting Go In Action: Writing A Goodbye Letter

One of the most therapeutic ways to let go and move on is to write a goodbye letter.


Really contemplate what you are mourning and write it down. Write the feeling that being with whatever you are mourning gave you. Write down any regrets and say sorry if you need to. Ask for forgiveness if you feel you need it and extend forgiveness if appropriate. Write why you are sad and the depth of your loss.  Explain how you wish things were different. Say goodbye, possibly wishing them well.


I wrote several letters when I was trying to let go. It helped me process my emotions and clarify what I was struggling to let go of.


If you are mourning a broken relationship you can choose to send your letter or not based on whether you want them to read your words. If you have lost someone close to you you can place it on their resting place if this would give you a greater sense of peace. I sent mine because it was important for me that I asked for forgiveness directly but they were never replied to. This is always a possibility if you are sending them to someone.


Though it was painful not to receive a reply, I continued to send letters. This was part of my healing process. It helped me with the first step to recovery – accepting the situation you are in and seeing it for what it is. Once I accepted there would never be a reply, my letters became more for my benefit, a way of gaining what closure I could.


Whilst I sent letters this was by no means the only step I took to let go and move on. I spoke to close friends and family, forced myself to socialize, filled my life with hobbies, goals and cultivated a more positive outlook by watching TED Talks, joining positivity Facebook pages, reading personal development and psychology books and going to seminars.


Have you ever considered writing a goodbye letter? Do you know what you would say and do you think it would help you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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