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Why There Is Always Hope Of A Fulfilling And Meaningful Future

In my darkest hour it was unimaginable to me that things could get better. Things seemed irrecoverably broken. I realize now that there is always hope for a fulfilling and meaningful future, no matter how much you might be suffering in the present. Things may look different to how you envisaged them but that doesn’t mean life can’t ever be meaningful again.


If you are struggling to imagine your future in light of your loss, try to start small. Imagine being close to those you love who are still with you. Imagine supporting the charities closest to your heart and the rewarding feeling that will give you.


Once I had recovered from my breakdown (I now call it a breakthrough) in 2009, I found a way to turn the situation around by helping others going through similar difficulties by starting this blog in 2014.


For you it may be as simple as volunteering for a local charity which resonates with your loss. Whatever action you decide upon, bringing good out of an otherwise awful situation has an extremely healing effect.


Never give up hope, there is a better future awaiting you, I promise.


Once you believe that life will get better, I would encourage you to read my article on positivity titled ‘How to avoid a negative downwards spiral by using the power of positivity’ which examines the ways we can cultivate a more positive outlook.


Can you imagine a meaningful future yet? Did you think of any ways you use your loss and channel it into something positive, like charity work? Please share your thoughts in the comments below to gain encouragement, insight and support from our community, we’d love to hear from you.

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