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Finding Balance In Action: Exercise Twice A Week This Week

When I exercise I naturally have more energy and motivation. Indeed it was when I was exercising regularly that I started this blog. I have to admit, I lapsed in my exercise regime for some time, so I will be doing this exercise right with you! Try to commit to exercising twice a week this week – it could be for just a thirty minute walk – and see if you feel better as a result. Do you have more energy and mental stamina for example?


This could be as simple as taking a half an hour walk or doing a twenty minute exercise DVD.


For more of an in-depth look into a healthier lifestyle please read my article titled ‘New Year, New You’.


Will you be taking part in this today’s challenge? Do you have more energy and mental stamina? Do you feel more positive and upbeat? Please share your experiences and the impact exercise had on you this week in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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